Vancouver Driver Reader Boards-Fentanyl Deaths,Can They Remind on Pedestrian Carnage Too?

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fentanyl-street-signs-size-xxlarge-promoDavid Ball with Metro News reports on  the City of Vancouver’s unorthodox use of road reader signs that normally let drivers know whether there is construction ahead or a detour. In this case, the City of Vancouver enlisted “maintenance equipment…to remind commuters of fentanyl’s fatal toll, according to a tweet posted to the city’s official update Twitter account in mid-April.”

The sign read “1000+ lives lost,” the sign flashed, followed by, “1+ year fentanyl crisis.” The fentanyl crisis is devastating and there are very few people who have not been personally impacted by the depths of this epidemic. The surprise though-why are these reader boards being used to alert motorists? Are they a key group? Does the City not have other places to put this information up, along with links to assist and educate?

And if we are using reader boards to remind drivers of the horrifying fentanyl tragedy…

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