Lessons for Vancouver From London’s Congestion Charges

In the City Fix  three researchers from WRI Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities have been examining what cities need to do to adopt TDM (Transport Demand Management) systems. And they have come up with some compelling points. In 2002, the average London driver spent half their travel time sitting in traffic, and road transport accounted for 95Continue reading “Lessons for Vancouver From London’s Congestion Charges”

Tram Watching in Hong Kong

From the BBC a picturesque story about the city’s unique double-decker trams, a made in Hong Kong product that still faithfully serves the local streets. Photographer Irene Flanhardt has captured the images of these trams, including a few tram oldsters that are still making the rounds. Trams have been in use in Hong Kong forContinue reading “Tram Watching in Hong Kong”

Public Washrooms, Walking to Work and Transit Stations

Kudos to Pat Doherty and her blog The Walking Commuter, in which she describes her walking route to work, and her commuting practice, which she started during a Toronto Transit strike a few decades ago. In her blog, Pat asks a question that can also be asked in Vancouver: “Have you ever really needed to get toContinue reading “Public Washrooms, Walking to Work and Transit Stations”

A Road Trip through New York City~1911

There is a remarkable restored film that was made in 1911 in New York City by the Swedish company Svenska Bigrafteatern. The footage has been slowed down and there is unfortunately a soundtrack added that is not original. It does show the remarkable time when streets easily  incorporated all users, and formal pedestrian crossings had not yet arrived.

TransLink Says Double~Deckers are a “Go”

There has been a four-month demonstration project with double-decker buses being used by TransLink in Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley and Vancouver.  The test buses were loaned by  Alexander Dennis the firm that manufactures them. The trial was successful enough that Translink hopes to add 32 buses by June 2019. Despite some early learning momentsContinue reading “TransLink Says Double~Deckers are a “Go””

Driving Vehicles When You Are Over Eighty (Years Not Speed)

In March the Province of British Columbia enacted new rules for drivers of eighty years of age or more. Those drivers must have a doctor’s note submitted every two years stating they are “medically competent” and must  undertake an on-road test or road assessment if required.  This is similar to the Province of Ontario whichContinue reading “Driving Vehicles When You Are Over Eighty (Years Not Speed)”

How We Pay For Urban Transportation~ New Westminster’s Innovation Thursday

From City Councillor and Urbanist Patrick Johnstone, on the City of New Westminster’s Transportation Forums at Innovation Week: Thursday March 1 would be a good day to spend in New Westminster if you are interested in learning about urban transportation and how we pay for it. As part of Innovation Week, the City of NewContinue reading “How We Pay For Urban Transportation~ New Westminster’s Innovation Thursday”

A Tale of Road Pricing in Three Cities

What can London, Stockholm and Singapore teach New York City and other places considering  congestion pricing? The New York Times explores how these fees have been implemented and how they have resulted in less traffic, reduced congestion, and  less air pollution.  “Each city does congestion pricing in its own way. Singapore sets varying fees based on theContinue reading “A Tale of Road Pricing in Three Cities”

Metro Conversation~The Future of Transportation~February 27

  From Councillor and Urbanist Patrick Johnstone, on the City of New Westminster’s Metro Conversation at Innovation Week: The theme for the 2018 Innovation Week in New Westminster is Innovation in Transportation, and one of the events is a Metro Conversation that will challenge some of the assumptions made about the emerging and disruptive technologiesContinue reading “Metro Conversation~The Future of Transportation~February 27”