Sydney Suburbs~Aerial Photo Eye Candy

In 2006 Andrew Merry created some fascinating photos of Sydney, Australia from the air, looking at pattern, colour and shape of suburbs. As The Guardian notes, these images still have relevance today; but that could be due, in no small part, to Andrew Merry’s reporting, and the reactions that Sydneysiders had to them.

Eat Dim Sum, Shop for a Condo

A #Vancouver Dim Sum. When enjoying a shrimp dumpling, consider picking a multi-million dollar condo…or two #vanre #vanpoli #vanlife @DallasRogers101 @sandyjamesplan @nlamontagne @Global_suburbs @GlobalHigherEd @Hulchanski — Andy Yan (@Ayan604) April 15, 2018 Duke of Data and Director of the Simon Fraser University’s City Program Andy Yan tweets the new cross marketing opportunity at aContinue reading “Eat Dim Sum, Shop for a Condo”

One Vancouver Street’s “Cherry Blossom Madness”

There’s a quiet neighbourhood street on the east side of Vancouver that explodes with two things every spring~the most extraordinary canopy of cherry blossoms, and literally hundreds of people who flock to this street to photograph the blooms-and themselves. As CTV News reported in 2017, some whacky behaviour has also begun to bloom. One neighbour notedContinue reading “One Vancouver Street’s “Cherry Blossom Madness””

The Economist~Chinatown Resisting Developers in “Property Battle”

Even the magazine The Economist is weighing in on the importance of Vancouver’s Chinatown as a historic and very special cultural place deeply rooted in the birth and development of this country.  One of the positive things that has happened with the impetus to build condominiums in Chinatown is the rise of  a new generation of articulate,Continue reading “The Economist~Chinatown Resisting Developers in “Property Battle””

Stacked and Shifting Boxes on Vancouver’s Melville Street Tower

Further to talking about twisty buildings, the design is in for a 36 storey highrise at 1133-1155 Melville Street between Thurlow and Bute Streets. Carlito Pablo in The Straight has written that “According to the design rationale prepared by the architectural company for the rezoning application, the concept for the skyscraper is a series of stacked boxesContinue reading “Stacked and Shifting Boxes on Vancouver’s Melville Street Tower”

Electric Scooters Inundate San Francisco

If you have been in San Francisco  California in the last few weeks  you have probably seen them-electric scooters are everywhere. And as discussed by a reporter for the New York Times section California Today  in San Francisco “Shared electric scooters are available to reserve and rent by app for as little as $1 a ride.Continue reading “Electric Scooters Inundate San Francisco”

Skopje, Rebuilt for Tourists, Not Locals

  As the New York Times reports Skopje Macedonia has been completely transformed from a 1963 earthquake that required the rebuilding of 80 per cent of this city. A thousand people were killed and another 100,000 were left homeless. Even though architect Kenzo Tange, “a pioneer of the 1960’s avant-garde Metabolist movement” was hired to create a redevelopmentContinue reading “Skopje, Rebuilt for Tourists, Not Locals”

Hong Kong Reviews Radical Housing Options

  Another city that is really facing the housing squeeze is Hong Kong as reported in this New York Times article that describes five ways to deal with housing shortages. Price Tags Vancouver has already discussed the usage of drain pipe as temporary downtown apartment units in Hong Kong. Besides drain pipe as housing, other ideas such as “theContinue reading “Hong Kong Reviews Radical Housing Options”

Developer Profit More Important than Farmland in the City of Richmond

It is hard to believe that a former farming community like the City of Richmond, which has championed density in its downtown areas has neglected to protect its agricultural roots and  assets. The City of Richmond has Class One  farmland, the very best in Canada within its municipal boundaries. While other communities would perceive thatContinue reading “Developer Profit More Important than Farmland in the City of Richmond”

Do We Accept That Autonomous Vehicles Will Kill Pedestrians?

Autonomous Vehicles (or AVs) were to make life easier with less road crashes and carnage. Nearly 38,000 people in the United States are annually killed on roads, and that number is rising. Autonomous vehicles would enable transportation for people who did not have drivers’ licences, and also dealt with the pesky problem of  drivers gettingContinue reading “Do We Accept That Autonomous Vehicles Will Kill Pedestrians?”