The Dawn of the E Scooter

  Following up on the Province of British Columbia’s “Move Commute Connect’ strategy which intends to double the percentage of active transportation trips by 2020, the Province has just announced some new legislation. This legislation will allow the Province to enforce signalling and speed limits of vehicles. The legislation will also finally deal with theContinue reading “The Dawn of the E Scooter”

Andy Yan the Duke of Data Was Right All Along

What a difference four years make, and some apologies need to be made by several people to the Duke of Data and Director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program Andy Yan. It was the Fall of 2015 when Andy first crunched the numbers and in his very straight forward way told the CBC that his reviewContinue reading “Andy Yan the Duke of Data Was Right All Along”

Necrotecture and Affordability in London

Via Andy Yan the Duke of Data is this interesting article that has a lot of relevance to the Vancouver situation, and also names that tendency of vacant houses and apartments to appear rather dead in neighbourhoods. That word is Necrotecture, and Rowland Atkinson describes it as “dead residential space” and the  “wasteful result of continuing rounds ofContinue reading “Necrotecture and Affordability in London”

Foreign Buyer Visa Program Displacing Renters in Athens

Imagine you are in a country that is looking to increase investment in a floundering real estate market. Even though real estate prices are now at 40 percent from their peak, Greece has not recovered from the 2009 debt crisis, and is offering  visas to non-European Union citizens when they invest 250,000 Euros in realContinue reading “Foreign Buyer Visa Program Displacing Renters in Athens”

If Toronto is Downton Abbey Is Vancouver Upstairs Downstairs?

The Star and Toronto’s May Warren has reported on the cleaving of class in Toronto, where the downtown has service sector jobs, but the people in those jobs do not have affordable housing close to their workplace. Warren observes“This dynamic of lower-paid suburban workers servicing downtown’s bankers, lawyers and “creative class Sunshine List professionals” is turningContinue reading “If Toronto is Downton Abbey Is Vancouver Upstairs Downstairs?”

“Less Stuff More Happiness” Condo for Sale in New York City

  Curbed in New York reports on Graham Hill and his 350 square foot apartment for sale in New York City for 750,000 U.S. dollars. But this is not just any small apartment~Mr. Hill is the force behind Life Edited and had previously renovated a 420 square foot apartment that actually had a room that converted intoContinue reading ““Less Stuff More Happiness” Condo for Sale in New York City”

Chinese Benevolent Society Builds Seniors’ Housing

Melody Ma said it boldly in her tweet on Carlito Pablo’s story in The Georgia Straight about the new housing development proposed at 835-837 East Hastings Street. Check out this new 100% 39-unit seniors social housing proposed by the Lee's Benevolent Association near #ChinatownYVR. Isn't it amazing that they didn't need to stuff in 120+ units ofContinue reading “Chinese Benevolent Society Builds Seniors’ Housing”

Views Versus Rental Towers in Vancouver’s Northeast False Creek

It is shaping up to be an interesting municipal election year with the main hot topics being polarizing, and forming camps “for” or “against”. Here’s an example. There appears to be a grittiness that is translating to people being either “for” affordable accessible housing, or “against”. And Vancouver City Council contributes to this polarization in their recentContinue reading “Views Versus Rental Towers in Vancouver’s Northeast False Creek”

Real Estate Speculation in China Still Continuing

China has a problem in their real estate market where vapid speculation has increased prices. As Reuters has reported, a record 200 property-tightening regulations were implemented in early 2018, designed to cool the market. But demand has continued in cities with lower property values; despite the supposed reforms, housing prices have escalated even faster to JuneContinue reading “Real Estate Speculation in China Still Continuing”

The Economist~Chinatown Resisting Developers in “Property Battle”

Even the magazine The Economist is weighing in on the importance of Vancouver’s Chinatown as a historic and very special cultural place deeply rooted in the birth and development of this country.  One of the positive things that has happened with the impetus to build condominiums in Chinatown is the rise of  a new generation of articulate,Continue reading “The Economist~Chinatown Resisting Developers in “Property Battle””