A Swamp, Walt Disney & An Experimental Community

Andy Yan, our very own Duke of Data and Director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University shared his discovery of this dated gem from 1966. Filmed just two months before Walt Disney’s death, the YouTube video below describes Mr. Disney’s next big project. Walt Disney of Disneyland fame had read a few ofContinue reading “A Swamp, Walt Disney & An Experimental Community”

The London Tube and Advertising

From Transport for London A trip on the London Underground (or Tube) always has a lot of advertising posters, some quite clever. But over a century Transport for London have prepared some very clever messaging. This poster was released in 1981 and is dated a bit by the use of the funky font which givesContinue reading “The London Tube and Advertising”

Rolling Out Too Much Red Carpet In Bus Zones?

So much to unpack with some of the City of Vancouver’s most recent initiatives, so let’s get started. If you have been anywhere near  Broadway, you may have seen the street appearing~well, red.  It appears the City of Vancouver and TransLink decided it would be a Good Idea to use this rather berryfruit juicy colourContinue reading “Rolling Out Too Much Red Carpet In Bus Zones?”

Deltaport Expansion Torpedoed?

In the Good News, Bad News department, Delta Optimist’s Sandor Gyarmati reports on the face-saving exercise being undertaken by Deltaport’s current container terminal operator Global Containers (GCT).  I have written about the Port of Vancouver’s  continued push for this terminal despite the fact that it is the resting grounds of hundreds of thousands of western sandpipers migratingContinue reading “Deltaport Expansion Torpedoed?”

Alberta Rethinking Sustainable Energy?

Here are three interesting items that are linked to sustainability and surprisingly  involve the province of Alberta. As noted on Twitter by @TheGentYYC some extraordinary initiatives are moving that province in a greener direction. First off,  that Canadian oil stalwart, Petro Canada is building a network of Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charging stations across Canada. Petro Canada saysContinue reading “Alberta Rethinking Sustainable Energy?”

Amazon Repurposing Vancouver’s Downtown Post Office?

In a 21st century  reboot of the 20th century icon, the downtown post office on Georgia Street may be repurposed into office and commercial space for Amazon. It’s a perfect transition for the Amazon model with fulfillment centres that requires trucking bays, easy access on and off the downtown peninsula and a location that employeesContinue reading “Amazon Repurposing Vancouver’s Downtown Post Office?”

Bridget Burdett~Engineers Building Bridges for Community Health

  Bridget Burdett is a New Zealand based civil engineer working in transportation. She is also completing a doctorate in psychology examining the habits of automobile drivers, and studies the linkages between transportation, wellbeing and inclusivity. Bridget has written a treatise on her profession, and its well worth a read. She discusses the fact that EngineeringContinue reading “Bridget Burdett~Engineers Building Bridges for Community Health”

A Road Trip through New York City~1911

There is a remarkable restored film that was made in 1911 in New York City by the Swedish company Svenska Bigrafteatern. The footage has been slowed down and there is unfortunately a soundtrack added that is not original. It does show the remarkable time when streets easily  incorporated all users, and formal pedestrian crossings had not yet arrived.

One Vancouver Street’s “Cherry Blossom Madness”

There’s a quiet neighbourhood street on the east side of Vancouver that explodes with two things every spring~the most extraordinary canopy of cherry blossoms, and literally hundreds of people who flock to this street to photograph the blooms-and themselves. As CTV News reported in 2017, some whacky behaviour has also begun to bloom. One neighbour notedContinue reading “One Vancouver Street’s “Cherry Blossom Madness””

A Speed Bump and Earthquake Fissures in Mexico City

The Director of Engineering at the City of Vancouver, Jerry Dobrovolny was in Mexico City assessing the earthquake damage which severely impacted some of the poorest neighbourhoods. He sent this photo of an augmented speed bump. The two photos below show the impact of an earthquake fissure three feet deep that runs through a park, andContinue reading “A Speed Bump and Earthquake Fissures in Mexico City”