Protecting Vehicle Industry More Important than Saving Vulnerable Lives

You would think that people dying on the road would attract a furore of voices for change. But somehow we just accept those deaths as the accepted  collateral for ease, timeliness and convenience, just a side effect of car use. Earlier this year I wrote about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that doesContinue reading “Protecting Vehicle Industry More Important than Saving Vulnerable Lives”

Speedsters Taking Advantage of Covid Open Roads

ICBC (the Insurance Corporation of B.C. that provides mandatory vehicular insurance) has been posting extra social media reminders for drivers to slow down and not risk hospitalization while Covid protocols and cases have priority. In British Columbia there has been an increase in speeders on the road since the Covid Crisis began. You would thinkContinue reading “Speedsters Taking Advantage of Covid Open Roads”

Contractor for Pedestrian Intersection Construction Goes His Own Way

In this Strange But True tale from Tsawwassen, this image was sent in of a brand new crosswalk installation on 53A Street. But take a look at this truck which on Friday the 13th was parked right on the sidewalk  at 8:15 a.m, blocking the access used by kids on their way to school. AndContinue reading “Contractor for Pedestrian Intersection Construction Goes His Own Way”

London’s Low Emission Zones-Where Are Ours?

London leads in the intersection of  health and transportation planning for safer, healthier cities.  Asthma is a lung disease where the airways of the lungs are swollen and  inflamed, making it harder to breathe.  London, United Kingdom is the first city in the world  introducing ULEZ zones in the inner city. ULEZ stands for Ultra-LowContinue reading “London’s Low Emission Zones-Where Are Ours?”

Driving to Work is Hazardous to Your Health

Trust the New York Times and Austin Frakt to tell it like it is~driving on your commute to work is hazardous for your health. If ever we needed more evidenced based rationale for why promoting walking, cycling and transit as the only ways to commute, they are right here. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute estimates that inContinue reading “Driving to Work is Hazardous to Your Health”

Staying Safe By Practicing the Pedestrian Glare

As only The Onion can report, they have narrowed down how pedestrians can stay safe crossing roads. While it is a spoof, it is telling. Pedestrian  Adam Hartsell in Chicago “reportedly made sure to look up at the driver of an approaching vehicle Thursday to ensure they would feel extra guilty in the event they failedContinue reading “Staying Safe By Practicing the Pedestrian Glare”

City of Surrey Gets Serious About Vehicular Deaths with Vision Zero Policy

The City of Surrey hosted the first Vision Zero summit in British Columbia  at Surrey City Hall.  Vision Zero refers to zero road deaths and no serious injuries on roads, with the philosophy that every life matters.  Applied in Sweden since 1997 the core belief is that “Life and health can never be exchanged forContinue reading “City of Surrey Gets Serious About Vehicular Deaths with Vision Zero Policy”

Increasing Speed Limits Doubled Road Deaths

There’s absolutely no way to sugar coat this: the previous Liberal provincial government’s 2014 decision to increase speed limits on some major rural highways has resulted in a 118 per cent increase of fatalities on those roads. A comprehensive study published in Sustainability was co-authored by physicians at Vancouver General  and road safety engineers at the University ofContinue reading “Increasing Speed Limits Doubled Road Deaths”

Pedestrian Push Buttons and Pedestrian Priority~Australia, where the Car is still King

Image Sandy James If you think the car is king in Metro Vancouver and in Canada generally, you need to have a visit to Australia where both the law and the pedestrian crossing times solidly put the pedestrian as a second class citizen to vehicular traffic. The Guardian disclosed that “Pedestrians across Australia are pressing theContinue reading “Pedestrian Push Buttons and Pedestrian Priority~Australia, where the Car is still King”