Jan Gehl, the Covid Crisis, & the Future of Tomorrow

Toronto’s Janes Walk did a Covid required  shift from their usual fine walks and included an online experience which they could of course share across the country. They had some great virtual walks, some great panels, and they had a plenary opener that included Jan Gehl, who with his writing and his interest in people andContinue reading “Jan Gehl, the Covid Crisis, & the Future of Tomorrow”

The Legacies of Expo 67 Montreal~Man and His World and all that Walking

  Fifty-two years ago this May Expo 67 opened on two man-made islands in Montreal. The 20th century was about World’s Fairs, and this fair with the theme “Man and His World” attracted fifty million visits in its six month run. At the time Canada’s population was only 20 million people. Several notable buildings wereContinue reading “The Legacies of Expo 67 Montreal~Man and His World and all that Walking”

Traffic Circles instead of Intersections-A Safer Choice?

It is the French that in the early 1900’s came out with the carrefour giratoire, the precursor to the modern traffic circle. When installed in Paris, traffic circles require circulating traffic in the traffic circle to give way or priority to car traffic coming from the right. If you have driven in France in the lastContinue reading “Traffic Circles instead of Intersections-A Safer Choice?”

Listening-Like it Really Matters. My lessons as a placemaker.

On this short work week I am contemplating some of the lessons that I have learned in placemaking in concert with communities in British Columbia, other areas of Canada and elsewhere. What really stands out for me is the importance of truly listening to what someone is saying, to completely understand not only the context,Continue reading “Listening-Like it Really Matters. My lessons as a placemaker.”