Protect the Most Vulnerable Street Users~ Bollards or Reducing Speed?

Last week, Toronto experienced a horrifying event when a driver took a large vehicle up on the sidewalk in North York and deliberately killed ten people, wounding many others. It is an unspeakable tragedy and loss of life. Out of that horror has come a renewed call for defending urban space, making it safer forContinue reading “Protect the Most Vulnerable Street Users~ Bollards or Reducing Speed?”

A Road Trip through New York City~1911

There is a remarkable restored film that was made in 1911 in New York City by the Swedish company Svenska Bigrafteatern. The footage has been slowed down and there is unfortunately a soundtrack added that is not original. It does show the remarkable time when streets easily  incorporated all users, and formal pedestrian crossings had not yet arrived.

One Vancouver Street’s “Cherry Blossom Madness”

There’s a quiet neighbourhood street on the east side of Vancouver that explodes with two things every spring~the most extraordinary canopy of cherry blossoms, and literally hundreds of people who flock to this street to photograph the blooms-and themselves. As CTV News reported in 2017, some whacky behaviour has also begun to bloom. One neighbour notedContinue reading “One Vancouver Street’s “Cherry Blossom Madness””

The Economist~Chinatown Resisting Developers in “Property Battle”

Even the magazine The Economist is weighing in on the importance of Vancouver’s Chinatown as a historic and very special cultural place deeply rooted in the birth and development of this country.  One of the positive things that has happened with the impetus to build condominiums in Chinatown is the rise of  a new generation of articulate,Continue reading “The Economist~Chinatown Resisting Developers in “Property Battle””

Electric Scooters Inundate San Francisco

If you have been in San Francisco  California in the last few weeks  you have probably seen them-electric scooters are everywhere. And as discussed by a reporter for the New York Times section California Today  in San Francisco “Shared electric scooters are available to reserve and rent by app for as little as $1 a ride.Continue reading “Electric Scooters Inundate San Francisco”

Selling Motordom: Safe and Sexy & Get Out of the Way

If you picked up Friday’s Vancouver Sun, you were treated to a front page advertisement from Hyundai in bold letters proclaiming that the 2018 Sonata was “Safe and Sexy”. So what exactly does that mean? In the very tiny print, this vehicle is a “top safety pick” IF equipped with autonomous emergency braking AND LEDContinue reading “Selling Motordom: Safe and Sexy & Get Out of the Way”

The Friday File~Bollards to Slow Traffic Removed Because they Slowed Traffic

In the kind of story that reminds how much motordom dominates over pedestrian safety and comfort , The Toronto Star reports that flex-post signs near a public school  designed to slow traffic were removed . Why? Because they slowed traffic. Imagine. One week after they were installed, they were removed on the basis of one complaint. AsContinue reading “The Friday File~Bollards to Slow Traffic Removed Because they Slowed Traffic”

Fire Department Proposes Excess Hydrant Space for Parking~but what about for People Space?

While proposed by the Fire Chief in Surrey as a way to give more parking back to communities, Chief Garis’ willingness to review the sacrosanct five meters of parking  clearance required curbside beside fire hydrants opens up the potential for all kinds of new street use. Working for a municipality the requirements for fire hydrantContinue reading “Fire Department Proposes Excess Hydrant Space for Parking~but what about for People Space?”

Vancouver Central Library Afternoon Enlightenment

There’s an interesting phenomena for anyone walking in late afternoon around 350 West Georgia and going into the central atrium of the Vancouver Downtown Central Library. The sunlight angles come right through into the galleria, creating pattern on pattern, and playing with angles and light. After a long winter, it is a great sight toContinue reading “Vancouver Central Library Afternoon Enlightenment”

City of Winnipeg Cleans Snow off Sidewalks, Supporting Walkability in All Seasons

While Vancouverites has recovered from a surprising week of snow in February, people in Winnipeg are still digging out. But what is interesting is the difference in snow removal policy for sidewalks in Winnipeg as compared to Vancouver. And guess what~Winnipeg actually has snow plows designed with the correct size of blade to shovel outContinue reading “City of Winnipeg Cleans Snow off Sidewalks, Supporting Walkability in All Seasons”