Putting Tags on Cyclists, Pedestrians for the Autonomous Vehicle Future?

Price Tags


In the “you just can’t make this stuff up” department, Bike Biz notes that Manuel Marsilio, general manager of the Confederation for the European Bicycle Industry has spoken out about the need for cyclists to “identify” themselves for autonomous vehicles. With the salvo that lives will be saved with “cycle to vehicle” sensors,  Marsilio made his comments at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. “It is the goal of the “connected car” industry to make cyclists wear sensors or beacons so they can be detected more easily. Currently, “erratic” cyclists are hard to detect by autonomous vehicles. And pedestrians, too, are often not spotted by a plethora of detection devices on the most tricked-out “driverless cars.”

Of course the example of the lady killed by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona was also trotted out as an example of why pedestrians could benefit from wearing a “vehicle tracker”. While…

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Published by Sandy James Planner

I am a city planner, author and plenary speaker writing and publishing about current planning issues. The intersect between health and city planning is vital to me. I've worked across North America and the world, and co-edit the Canadian Urban Planning Blog "Price Tags.ca". I am passionate about places and people and creating healthy cities we all want to live in. My TEDx talk is about three neighbourhood heroes that transformed their communities with the "Power of Walking". I am also the Director of Walk Metro Vancouver, and the past chair of the International Walk21 Vancouver Conference. Twitter: sandyjamesplanner@gmail.com Blog: sandyjamesplanner.wordpress.com www.walkmetrovan.ca

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