Rebooting NYC’s “Boulevard of Death”

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With thanks to Stan Hohnholz~From New York City comes this transformational story about Queens Boulevard,  a street where an appalling 18 pedestrian deaths occurred in 1997, and where a total of 186 people have died since 1990. This street in Queens was understandably called the “Boulevard of Death” and as the New York Times observes it looked that way too, with a road width of up to 300 feet and twelve lanes of vehicular traffic for pedestrians to cross.  Pedestrians often got stranded on narrow medians trying to cross the street.  In comparison many Manhattan streets are just 70 feet wide, with side streets off major streets being only 30 feet wide.

But there has been a major change~since 2014 not one pedestrian or cyclist has been killed on the seven mile stretch of this boulevard. Mayor de Blasio had an “ambitious Vision Zero campaign to eliminate traffic deaths citywide…

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