There Goes Neighbourhood Commercial~The Story of 33rd Avenue and MacKenzie Street

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Sometimes the best way to understand a problem is just to go through it. That is exactly what Kerry Gold does in her latest Globe and Mail article describing the situation of a group of residents in Vancouver’s MacKenzie Heights who are concerned about the redevelopment of the interesting commercial strip at West 33rd Avenue and MacKenzie. That little commercial area is a walkable retail area with affordable rents. Services include a dentist’s office, a barber, a florist, and an insurance agency, among the eight shops and offices on the block up for redevelopment. A large independent grocery store anchors the block across the street.” 

Sounds great, right? And it is because of its functionality for the adjoining neighbourhood that residents are worried about the impending rezoning and redevelopment of one side of the  block, as they fear that the tenants that currently occupy the shops and offices will not be…

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I am a city planner, author and plenary speaker writing and publishing about current planning issues. The intersect between health and city planning is vital to me. I've worked across North America and the world, and co-edit the Canadian Urban Planning Blog "Price". I am passionate about places and people and creating healthy cities we all want to live in. My TEDx talk is about three neighbourhood heroes that transformed their communities with the "Power of Walking". I am also the Director of Walk Metro Vancouver, and the past chair of the International Walk21 Vancouver Conference. Twitter: Blog:

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