US National Climate Assessment Leaked to Press, Will it be Released?

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climateassessmentcover_2014_300The New York Times reports on a draft report from thirteen federal agencies that is not yet public. The news is not good- “The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years.” This of course suggests the direct connection between emissions and climate change.

How to mitigate climate change? That “depends on future emissions and the sensitivity of the climate system to those emissions.” This report is part of the National Climate Assessment which the U.S. Congress requires every four years. the National Academy of Sciences has reviewed it-the White House (and President Trump) would release it.

It’s no surprise that this report confirms what people in the northwest have already been experiencing-there is confidence that the frequency and severity of warm days has dramatically increased since the 1960’s. “With a…

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