The Daily Scot~Pedestrians Die from Car Based Infrastructure, not Texting

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From the Daily Scot, Scot Bathgate- Angie Schmidtt’s article on StreetsBlog takes a chunk out of that argument that pedestrians are contributing to being crashed into by cars. Ms. Schmidtt notes ” To get a sense of the real sources of risk for people on foot, it helps to look at where fatal crashes happen, because fatality rates have a very strong geographic component. That’s true both within cities — where fatalities tend to be concentrated on a relative small share of streets — and from city to city.”

Using national travel survey and crash fatality data, researchers from the University of Wisconsin  compared safety per trip, not per capita. They found that “public policies and physical characteristics separate the safer cities from the more dangerous ones”. 

When lists were then compared with the “Walk Friendly Community” and “Bicycle Friendly Community” rankings, there was a connection between high rankings…

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