Cars Crashing into our Most Vulnerable~Wheelchair Users

Price Tags


Universal accessibility means that everyone, no matter what your ambulatory capability, can safely use city streets and public spaces.  It is egalitarian, and morally the right thing to do. Earlier this week Price Tags wrote about the unfortunate response of the City of San Francisco to a group of seniors that wanted more crossing time at a troublesome intersection. The city will lengthen the signal time, but still not at the national standard for seniors  to safely cross the street.

Another horrifying example  of a municipality doing the work right instead of doing the right work has just happened in Denver Colorado. Kyle Wolf, who is disabled was using  his  wheelchair  to cross a street and “was just five feet from the curb at 19th and Lawrence Streets in downtown Denver when his wheelchair was struck from behind by an SUV. He had legally ventured out into the intersection during a…

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