Can Massey Tunnel “Bottleneck” be relieved by Short Sea Shipping?

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aaeaaqaaaaaaaaigaaaajdllnjy4otdhltzlzdytndnhyi1hndm1ltdmntk2odjiodhjyqThe CBC reports on a rather sensible potential solution to reducing traffic south of the Fraser River through “short sea shipping”. Terry Engler who is a longshoreman and a   Vancouver union president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 400 noted that  “limiting truck traffic coming from nearby port terminals south of the Fraser River is key to reducing traffic.”

“This would make everything easier for everyone, including the truck drivers, because they don’t make money when they’re stuck in traffic,” said Engler.”

Using a series of barges on navigable waters, up to 100 containers can be transported on each vessel to move goods from the Fraser River port to municipalities through a “network of unloading terminals.” Instead of trucks carrying goods to Deltaport, the distances trucks would have to travel would be significantly reduced, which would in turn ease congestion.

“We have one of the best places…

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