Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway Searches for New Urban Green Thumbs

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Amy Logan in the Westender has written about Judy Zipursky and the remarkable Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway situated behind Tupper Secondary School close to King Edward and Fraser Streets.

The Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway located on the 400 block of East 23rd Avenue on a block of street that has been closed since the 1970’s because of on street car racing. It remained an asphalted street closed off with chains until the tragic death of Jomar Lanot, a student at the school who was swarmed and murdered by a gang of youths outside the school grounds in 2003 after playing basketball. While none of the student at Tupper Secondary were involved with the incident, it impacted them deeply. The school and neighbourhood communities wanted to do something that celebrated their place, their spirit, and hope-that is what the Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway has become.


This project was inspired locally and the students were…

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