East Hastings Vancouver’s Most Walkable Street?

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The Vancouver Sun and writer Harrison Mooney outline the Strathcona Business Improvement Association’s (SBIA)  plan to make East Hastings Street Vancouver’s most walkable within the next four years.

“The campaign intends to transform East Hastings into a pedestrian destination by making it more walkable,” the association said in a news release. “The SBIA will improve walkability on East Hastings by enhancing amenities, comfort, access and sociability and promoting local business.”

With stated goals improving health, environment  and economy, the  intent is to make the area more attractive for inhabitants and visitors. What is missing from the statement and the news release is that this section of East Hastings is already the living room for a significant part of the population who live in smaller units along the street. While street beautification does include public art, murals and sculptures, I’d argue that benches are not beautification but should be a necessity…

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