Children Can’t Detect Car Speed over 32 km/h

Price Tags

carThe Telegraph follows up on a subject covered earlier in Price Tags-studies conducted at universities are showing that children have perceptual limitations when judging whether it is safe to cross a street with traffic going over 20 miles per hour  (32 kilometers per hour).

Royal Holloway College at London University suggests that children may not even be able to perceive that cars are approaching them.  “Driving over 20 mph in a residential or school area not only increases the potential severity of any impact, but also increases the risk that a child will injudiciously cross in front.”

Many municipalities in Great Britain including Portsmouth and Hull are slowing traffic down to 20 miles per hour in residential areas, noting that “Travelling one mile though a residential area at 20 mph  vs. 30 mph  will only add 60 seconds to journey time. We encourage drivers to take a minute and save a…

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