Ill Fares the Land while Richmond Farmland Mansion Builders Profit

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It’s been a grumpy week. Despite the fact that megahouses are taking up the most arable lands in Canada in Richmond, the City Council there decided that this land was just fine for houses that are 10,764 square feet if you have half an acre of farmland to plop it on.

Imagine-if you live in Richmond or want to hold property there, you can simply buy land in the Agricultural Land Reserve, not pay the foreign buyer’s tax of 15 per cent, and (bonus!) be classified as agricultural land for tax purposes if you are able to raise farm product. In Southlands in Vancouver, mares often had their foals on large properties specifically so that the mansion owners could qualify for the hefty property tax reduction. And here’s another interesting fact-houses that are 11,000 square feet are classified as “mansions” in the United States. The Canadian country cousins in Richmond…

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