Don’t Volcano Mulch the Trees Please!

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As a public service announcement and as a way to positively contribute to the urban forest, this article by Kathy Thomas of Green Thumb landscaping pleads for people to stop mounding up mulch around tree bases. If you’ve been on Tenth Avenue between Cambie and Oak Street recently, you will have seen such mounding up.

As Ms. Thomas notes “In recent years, these mounds of mulch have become as prevalent as the bubonic plague in 14th century Europe. Why individuals continue to believe that eight to 12 inches of mulch piled around a tree trunk is a good idea remains unclear, but the fact of the matter is they’ve sentenced the plant to a slow death.

These issues have been on-going, but in recent years people have started to mound mulch up around the base of the trees – the ‘mulch volcano,’” said Martha Smith, a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator…

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