We Can’t Drive our way out of Congestion

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Concept 26As reported by City Lab‘s Laura Bliss, our utopian view of driverless “Uber” and “Lyft” vehicles might be very different as “zero occupancy vehicles” jockey to pick up drivers and do short errands. That’s why the philosophy has been to share driverless cars, different from Elon Musk who wants one of his cars in every citizen’s driveway.

There is a fear that the driverless technology will be so pervasively cheap and convenient that it will attract riders who normally would not be driving and result in an increase of vehicle kilometers travelled. “Even in a shared scenario, there could be a vehicle kilometers travelled  increase due to increased demand,” says Adam Cohen, a research associate at UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center, who presented his research on planning for shared mobility this week at the American Planning Association’s annual conference in New York.”

Cities and policies can…

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