Richmond, Let’s Make Farmland Important, Not a Land Grab for Mansion Builders

Price Tags

farmland21aAs reported in the Richmond News there’s been some surprising setbacks in the City of Richmond’s approach to stop the creation of massive monster houses eating up farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve within the municipality. In a previous Price Tags we addressed the fact that the City of Richmond was thinking of  “restricting the size of houses built on the ALR (the Agricultural Land Reserve) in that municipality. A couple of things-if you purchase farm land you do not have to pay the 15 per cent foreign owner tax. And if you can crop blueberries or have a calf born on the property you can claim you are a farmer and have the land taxed as agricultural instead of as a large house executive estate.”

Price Tags also noted “A Globe and Mail investigation found wealthy investors bought farmland in Richmond without any intention of farming and took…

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