Election-Site C and LNG may be Done Deal-But Massey Tunnel Rethink/Reboot?

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Some interesting comments from  CKNW’s Emily Lazatin who asked Helmut Pastrick the chief economist with Central 1 Credit Union about the impact of a potential minority Liberal government on markets that are the mainstay of this province-forestry, lumber, mining and gas. Pastrick said that there would not be any major impact on the material market-but he does perceive potential changes to “big-ticket” projects-Site C Dam, or the Massey Tunnel Project (now projected at $12 billion dollars , with $8 billion dollars carrying costs.)

It would result in some decline in the amount of fixed investment that might occur. Now, there may well be other projects that could be initiated to take their places. There are substantial plans for transit infrastructure in the Lower Mainland and perhaps for example funds from, let’s say, the Massey Tunnel Replacement would be diverted to one or more of those transit projects. That would be an…

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