Massey Bridge Crossing in “heart” of Musqueam Territory, but First Nations Not Consulted

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In a press release from the Musqueam Nation, Chief Wayne Sparrow stated  “Musqueam has not been meaningfully consulted nor accommodated for the GMT (George Massey Tunnel)  project. This project is in the core of our exclusive territory and the Provincial and Federal government have not received Musqueam’s consent.” Other media have picked up this unfulfilled duty to consult where indigenous  rights and title exists.

This lack of consultation is a gaping omission given the Province’s claim through the Minister of Transportation  that they have undergone a robust consultation process, even though this seems very slim on their website. And the Musqueam Nation have a  very valid reason to be listened to and accommodated in any  process impacting the Fraser River at this location-they have inhabited this land for thousands of years.

The proposed Massey Bridge lies squarely in the “heart of Musqueam territory and the BC (British…

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