“Show Courage, Please U-Turn on the Massey Bridge Decision”

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Another cogent letter in the Richmond News written by Andy Hobbs questions the expenditure of $3.5 billion dollars (now forecast to exceed $4.5 billion dollars) on the  Massey Bridge, which at three kilometers  will be the longest bridge in the province. “The 3,000-metre proposed bridge replaces a 629-metre tunnel in order to cross a river that’s about 200-metres wide.  “

In 2004, the province invested $22.2 million in seismic upgrades to the existing tunnel which has a remaining life span of 10 to 15 years. The highest estimate for twinning the existing tunnel is $1.7 billion and takes far less time than the new bridge’s construction. 

“Of course, there are other considerations beyond practical budgetary factors. The visual footprint of the proposed bridge would dominate the surrounding flat landscape and consume arable land and planned city parkland. While the new bridge would be an impressive structure, its 10 lanes, immense…

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