Massey Bridge-If We Had 3.5 Billion Dollars…

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screen-shot-2013-09-20-at-5-52-40-pmThe Province published an opinion piece by Eric Doherty, Bob Chitrenky, Harold Steves and Peter McCartney that provides one more flip on the strange decision to decommission the Massey Tunnel and instead overbuild a ten lane bridge at a (so far) projected price of  3.5 billion dollars. Now this bridge is in the wrong location for stimulating future growth as per Metro Vancouver’s regional plan, and every Mayor in the region has spoken out against it, except the Mayor of Delta eager to get more growth in her community. The placement of this bridge threatens the Fraser River estuary, takes up more of the most fertile farm soils in Canada, and threatens to industrialize this sensitive area of arable soils, salmon waters  and migratory flyways.

But, as quoted in the Province “the biggest reason is that investing billions in an unnecessary bridge deepens our dependency on car travel at a…

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