Have Latte, Will Talk in the “Third Place”.

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In 1989, Ray Oldenburg coined the phrase “third place” in his book The Great Good Place.  The “third place” was the importance of “cafés (not to mention pubs, piazzas, beer gardens and teahouses) as gathering places essential to our individual mental health and that of society as a whole.”

How many times have you gone into a coffee shop only to find every available table taken by a human hunched over a laptop, often with a set of headphones plugged in? The BBC News reports on a new trend-a cafe where “ people stand and chat, sipping wine and beer while children sit and play board games. The café, called Kibbitznest, is a wi-fi-free zone. It’s the latest in a string of cafés shunning internet usage in an effort to encourage face-to-face conversation.”  In a society where the average person spends ten hours with media a day…

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