Peter Ladner, the Provincial Election, and the Threat on Urban Mobility Initiatives

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peter_ladner_new2__0x500_q95_autocrop_crop-smart_subsampling-2_upscalePeter Ladner writing in Business in Vancouver is a former city councillor, an avid bike rider, and a proud citizen of Metro Vancouver. He has called out the “inane election promises that threaten urban mobility initiatives” in his latest editorial. Metro Vancouver’s mobility  has been shoved aside as an afterthought by the lack of careful thinking and crafting of what should be the Provincial showpiece and jewel-the public transit and movement of Metro’s citizens.

As Peter states “In moves reminiscent of last election’s sudden dumbest-move-ever call for a referendum on regional transportation funding, both the BC Liberals and NDP have done a deep dive into the stupid-policy pit. The BC Liberals have promised to cap tolls on existing and future bridges at $500 per year per person, and the NDP would get rid of tolls altogether. No, no one consulted the regional transportation plan or its guardians (TransLink…

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