New York City Subway Trash Talk

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Global news describes the end of a demonstration project in New York City   that installed garbage bins at subway stations. Commenced in 2011, the program expanded to have garbage containers at track level in 39 stations. The problem? The program was too successful. While the whole point was to reduce littering in subway stations, the city found that having the containers contributed to more litter, and to rats.

Of course reducing rubbish bins sounds wrong. “The notion that you’re going to be more efficient by taking away the trash cans, so therefore you won’t generate so many bags of trash to haul away — like the trash was going to magically disappear — I think that probably wasn’t the smartest judgment,”  quoted State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.”  Indeed New York City found that the containers led to a higher incidence in trash fires, and depositing of trash on the…

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