Japan’s Population-“A Demographic Time Bomb”

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wires-japanseniors13rb3The Independent’s Business Insider article via Andy Yan describes the increasing aging population of Japan, called by economists as a  “demographic time bomb.”  With little consumer spending the economy has shrunk and fewer people are having children, while people are living longer.  With a population of 127 million, 26 per cent are seniors, roughly  the same percentage as Canada will experience in the next two decades.

The Insider identifies several  trends in Japan becoming a senior society. More adult diapers are sold annually than baby diapers since 2011. While annual births were over one million since 1899, that number  started to decline in 2016.  “Ubasaute”, the practice of bringing senior family members with dementia to charities or hospitals has commenced, when family members can no longer provide the care needed.  While the numbers of this abandonment are still relatively low compared to the size of the population, it illustrates the…

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