Massey Bridge and a Letter from Delta

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A  cogent letter appeared in the Delta Optimist from a Delta resident who has suggested that there are ways to immediately ameliorate the “bottleneck” at the Massey Tunnel which has feverishly fanned the Province’s clamouring for a $3.5 billion dollar overbuilt, ecologically unsound bridge.

Mary Taitt notes that estimates indicate that the  bridge building will take four years, and by 2021 costs will easily be in the 6 to 7 billion dollar range, even though  “an additional tunnel could be constructed much sooner and for a fraction of the cost. At the same time a rapid transit system could be afforded and developed.”

Moving onto the “bottleneck” of traffic, the writer makes it clear that there are economical and prudent ways  to fix this:

1. Restore 601 fast buses to/from Delta to Downtown Vancouver.

2. Stop trucks using the George Massey Tunnel during rush hours.

3. Re-establish the weigh…

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