Lose a Highway, Gain a Place-Carson City Rebuilds its Downtown

One of my favourite places and a cultural and arts hotspot is getting even better.

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There is a renaissance occurring in many American towns that are reclaiming their downtowns when bisecting highways are rerouted from town centres. Mayor Bob Crowell is the Mayor of  Carson City Nevada. This is the capital of Nevada and has a population of about 55,000 people, located fifty kilometers or 31 miles from Reno Nevada. Since the last mid-century, Carson City hosted a highway right through their main downtown area, with the highway effectively bisecting both sides of the street and minimizing pedestrian and cycling movement. Traffic was so fast that there were metal guards on the side of the sidewalks to keep pedestrians from being hit by errant vehicles.

The 21st century brought two changes-a plan for the new Interstate 580 to go around the downtown area instead of through it, and a 1/8th  cent sales tax devoted to community improvements, including a downtown revitalization project to bring…

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