Rogers Sugar Building Losing its View

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rogers_sugarCarlito Pablo in the Georgia Straight reports on the expansion of the Vancouver waterfront container terminal owned by Port Vancouver. Just as in Deltaport, this proposed expansion is not in the City’s jurisdiction. Imagine-the Port is going to build an overpass at Centennial Road to “improve traffic flow on the port roadway for vehicles accessing Centerm by separating road and rail interactions,” the document stated. “This reduces delays to vehicles on port roadways as a result of rail blockages.”

Never mind that this new overpass completely blocks and obscures the lower floors and windows of one of the most iconic industrial buildings-The Rogers Sugar building facade, located at 123 Rogers Street.

This six storey warehouse is still in use, producing 240,000 tons of sugar products annually. This red brick structure was built in the 1920’s and has great significance as a primary industrial structure in an early…

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