Massey Bridge, Industrialization and Ecological Impacts

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The proposed overbuilt Massey Bridge is becoming a sobering topic for many people as they read through the background studies which never seriously looked at any other option other than an over capacity ten lane bridge. The rationale for this massive bridge, pegged at a cost in the 3.4 billion dollar range changes with the season.Once this behemoth is built, it remains to be seen how much use it will get. It will also be tolled, which will increase traffic onto other bridges. But other than the truckers at Deltaport who do not work efficiently  24 hours 7 days a week on schedule  like every other port in North America there is little rationale for why a massive bridge needs to be located here instead of simply twinning the currently configured tunnel. Perhaps it is for access to pump up volumes at the sparsely used Tsawwassen Mills mall, built on…

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