Tiny House Solution to Affordability?

Price Tags

bctiny-citystudioWanyee Li with Metro News reports on tiny houses and their owners, folks that have a 250 square foot house on wheels with compost toilets and loft beds. Earlier this year Price Tags reported on the AirBnB rental “Moonbeam”a van rentable for the night in Vancouver, which was completely booked out.

The City of Vancouver does not allow people to live in vehicles, so while these tiny houses can easily fit into a trailer park, they are not legal in the City of Vancouver.

“Samantha Gambling, co-founder of the BC Tiny House Collective, was buying paint to put the finishing touches on her 320-square-foot house when Metro spoke with her Thursday. It’s just a matter of normalizing [tiny houses] and having conversations with policymakers to make those changes happen so that it can be a viable housing stock.”

Ms. Gambling sees the tiny house as an alternative type…

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