Massey Bridge a Dumb Deal

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In the “give your head a shake” department The CBC reports that  that the Massey Bridge is a done deal. Imagine-the Provincial government has granted an environmental assessment certificate for this multi billion dollar ten lane beast that will eat up the most arable soils in Canada, pile drive in the sensitive Fraser River, and generally create a 20th century heap of motordom and tolled vehicular infrastructure that is in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It’s overbuilt, and not worth the irreparable environmental damage.

This is one of the decisions that in fifty years will be seen as a major mistake-a multi billion dollar one. But this government is bent on creating access for Delta port trucking, and  fast drives for consumers to the Tsawwassen Mills shopping mall-the latter which is as empty as a spent beer can on a Friday night. The demise of this mall…

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