Seniors’ Care Housing and Why This Matters

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png-merlin-archive9The Vancouver Sun’s Bethany Lindsay describes  B.C. Seniors’ Advocate Isobel Mackenzie  release of information that 27 per cent of residents in care homes in the province are being given anti psychotic medication without a diagnosis. The three care homes most overly medicated their clients without a diagnosis are in Metro Vancouver, with one, the Youville Residence in Vancouver medicating over 62 per cent of residents without a diagnosis. Anti psychotic medications can make people aggressive, and also contribute to drowsiness and subsequent falls, but can also make the patient easier for staff to manage.

Not only is overmedicating without a proper diagnosis a problem, the Seniors’ Advocate also reported that for staffing “no private for profit facilities meet the minimum standard as established by the Ministry of Health.” NONE.

Ninety-one per cent of care homes listed in the B.C. seniors advocate’s Residential Care Facilities Quick Facts failed…

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