Transit Fare Zones and Unintended Consequences

Price Tags


Anthony Perl of Simon Fraser University was interviewed in the Georgia Straight regarding “transit road pricing” or the practice of charging Transit passengers for the distance they are travelling.

If transit fares were also coupled with vehicle  “distance-based road pricing…the most efficient way to go,” Perl told the Georgia Straight by phone. “I think it would encourage people to work and live close to where they need to be or want to be…and…discourage sprawl.”

But here’s the challenge-you  also have to price automobile users for using the road. The problem is that we tend to look at these two systems separately but, of course, it’s an integrated mobility network,” he said. “And people make decisions about how to move and what to do and where to live not based on one piece of it but the whole system. So if we change one without the other, then…

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