Oslo and Electric Bike Incentives for Citizens

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First, a disclaimer-I have an electric bike and two “standard” bikes. My electric bike is a prototype developed in Toronto that has worked faithfully when needed. It goes fast. It climbs hills. And it extends the range and topography of what I can cycle. It’s a great bike.

 In a moment of genius, The City of Oslo is offering 25 per cent of the cost up to  $1,200 for citizens to purchase an electric cargo bike. These bikes currently cost in the $1,800 to $4,800 range and can carry heavier cargo on trips, like groceries and/or kids.

The City of Oslo has suffered from diminished air quality and has temporarily banned diesel fuelled vehicles. Norway as reported in City Lab  has “invested a phenomenal $1 billion in new bike infrastructure, so the paths that Oslo’s future cargo bikes use should ultimately be of high quality. But there are still…

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