Cycling on Sidewalks In London England

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The BBC wades in on how the Police in London are dealing with a bicycle planning issue-Police officers in Camden Borough will no longer be charging cyclists who ride on the sidewalk or “pavements”, but instead examine why the cyclists are choosing sidewalks instead of the road. These officers are also following a protocol first adopted by the West Midlands Police, who are also enforcing a vehicular passing distance of 1.5 meters when overtaking a cyclist. Get closer to a cyclist, you will be stopped.

The intent is to discover what areas the cyclists feel “forced” off the road. It is the 1835 Highways Act which makes it an offence to ride on the sidewalk, and includes a penalty of 50 British pounds (about 82 Canadian dollars).  Enforcement is up to the Police, and discretion is asked when dealing with children riding on sidewalks.

There is also some pushback from…

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