The Friday File-Public Art Artist Patents the Black Pencil Crayon

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Remember when you shared your coloured pencil  crayons in school and the other kid didn’t give the black pencil crayon back? That is what Public Art artist Anish Kapoor is accused of doing.

The Smithsonian magazine says it all. “Earlier this year, Kapoor sparked outrage from artists all over the world with the announcement that he had made a deal to become the only person in the world allowed to use the blackest pigment of black paint ever developed. Known as Vantablack, the unique carbon nanotube-based pigment is produced solely by a British company called NanoSystem, and was originally developed for military technologies. However, Kapoor made an agreement with the company that he is the only person allowed to use it for artistic purposes.”


Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate”(2006)  repainted in the Vantablack paint he is alledgedly not sharing

Other artists are upset. Said artist Stuart Semple”When I first…

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