Those People Carrying Those Large Advertising Signs-and the Millennial Plight

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Stanley Q. Woodvine writes eloquently in the Georgia Straight about a tiny woman named Linda  carrying a very large sign advertising the dispersal of an American Apparel store.Mr. Woodvine notes “Partly it was simply the ridiculous disparity of scale. Here was this petite young woman with bright auburn hair, tromping around in oversized gumboots and gripping in big yellow work gloves a garish plywood and corrugated plastic assemblage that towered over her comparatively diminutive frame—that was a striking enough sight by itself.”

Mr. Woodvine is a homeless writer and graphic artist. He saw the irony of  a person making $12.50 an hour to carry a sign for what was a clothing store that tried to be fashion forward with shock advertising and high prices. “The woman’s name, as I’ve already mentioned, was Linda and the huge red, black, and yellow sign that she carried was for the…

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