Dickie Dee Ice Cream Carts and the Queen’s Visit

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If you are of a certain age you will remember the white bicycle carts with ice cream that used to be pedalled through Vancouver neighbourhoods and near beaches. Kids would hear the tinkling bells on the handle bars of the cart and plead with parents for money to buy an ice cream.

This article provides a back story to Dickie Dee. “The Barish family founded Dickie Dee ice cream in 1959, which was retailed across North America. The famous Dickie Dee ice cream cart, a modified tricycle equipped with bells, became a household name for fun and quality ice cream products. The company began with eight ice cream tricycles and grew to became Canada’s largest merchandiser with over 10,000 units.”

Ice cream innovations such as the Chipwich, O’Henry, and Kondike Nuggets were first introduced via the Dickie Dee ice cream carts. The CBC has done a follow up story

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