More People, Less Cars in Vancouver

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From the Business in Vancouver’s Glen Korstrom is preliminary evidence showing decreased use of private vehicles  in Vancouver.

Insurance Corp. of British Columbia (ICBC) data provided to Business in Vancouver showed that 270,000 passenger vehicles were registered in the city of Vancouver at the start of 2016. That’s 3.8% more than at the start of 2012, but Vancouver’s population  during that same period rose 5.2% to 666,996, according to BC Stats.”

The annual City of Vancouver survey of 2,500 citizens conducted by CH2M and the Mustel Group had already identified this trend, showing that 50 per cent of trips were being made by walking, transit or cycling. That is an increase from 47 per cent in 2013. As well 26 per cent of driving aged citizens had access agreements  to car share, an increase from 20 per cent in 2014.

“Simon Fraser University city program director Andy…

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