Vancouver Winter, Salt and BYOB.

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Vancouverites could always tell if a vehicle was from out-of-town due to the salt and gritty exteriors of those cars in the winter. Well, that whole paradigm has changed with Vancouver having a winter wonderland twice in late December and with a repeat performance being scheduled handily for the weekend.

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrian commuters have all had their shares of thrills and spills, including the television station that always films cars unfortunate enough to try to go northbound on Oak Street between Broadway and 6th Avenues. Apparently BMWs  fifteen years ago  consisted of a lot of rear wheel drive vehicles. Apparently everyone that has a rear wheel drive forgets this fact until they get to this hill.


So why use salt on sidewalks and roads? While water normally freezes at 0 degrees centigrade, that threshold drops once you add salt, allowing everyone to move around a bit easier. With…

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