Day Three of the 2016 Gordies-Award for Planning for Big Impact-Positive or Negative

Price Tags


On Wednesday we are awarding the  2016 Gordie for “Planning for Big Impact [Positive or Negative]”

There were a lot of contenders in this category. The Editorial Board of Price Tags and Price Tags Commenters agreed on the following:

The 2016 Gordie for Planning for Big Impact-Positive or Negative- Five Winners-

Tsawwassen Mills/Commons– “giant transit-free all-cars all-the-time mall in the middle of nowhere.  What could go wrong?  Or more likely – what could go right?”


Waterfront Station Transportation Hub:  “a major transportation node at the confluence of Skytrain, West Coast Express, Seabus, cruise ships, float plane airlines, HeliJet, arterial streets, bike lanes, greenways, freight trains, transit buses. Vastly diverse mix of people in the area. Possible transformation into a destination. Expansion of transportation services to include passenger ferries and inter-city rail. More HERE.  Immense potential. More complex than most space programs. And we mean outer…

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