Friday File: Using the GPS jogging app as Art Form

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In a brilliant flash of seasonal inspiration, The BBC reports on the jogging patterns of Owen Delaney who is using his Strava application on his smartphone not only to track his running routes but to create public art .

Now it must be strange to see this individual running in a park-but in his jogs, he has created on his GPS tracker images of Santa Claus, a snowman, and even a Christmas cracker.

Mr. Delaney’s festive art work on the fitness tracking application will continue through the Christmas season. To create these artistic runs requires about one hour of preplanning to ensure he does not go through streams or ravines.

“I used to draw a lot of cartoons when I was younger, and sometimes made hand drawn Christmas cards for people,” Mr Delaney said. “I guess this is a similar theme, but I never imagined being able to use the…

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