Vancouver Sun Series focuses on Carcentric Future for Metro Vancouver-Really?

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The Vancouver Sun has started a series of articles on traffic and congestion under the ominous title “Waiting for Solutions…The Getting There Scare”.  It is a rather surprising title and has a rather surprising slant-that for you, the Vancouver Sun reader, your commute by car is going to get worse, and that by 2041 there could be an extra 700,000 cars on the road. Never mind that there may also be enhanced transit, higher density dwelling areas close to rapid transit stations  and car shares that would mitigate such a commute. This article buys into the rhetoric that the car is king now and forever.

The rest of the series which will be published this week include articles on Cars Vs.Bikes , traffic on the North Shore, How to stay calm while driving, and Driverless Technology. I was looking forward to seeing a well-balanced discussion on transportation, modal splits, and…

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