Radio Earth Broadcasts Begin

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One of the coolest applications of technology is written about in this Atlantic Monthly article-the unveiling of Radio Garden. By looking at a map and clicking on a dot you can “know humanity through its sounds, through its music. It’s an interactive map that lets you tune into any one of thousands of radio stations all over the world in real time. Exploring the site is both immersive and a bit disorienting—it offers the sense of lurking near Earth as an outsider. In an instant, you can click to any dot on the map and hear what’s playing on the radio there, from Miami to Lahore to Berlin to Sulaymaniyah and beyond”.

I have been listening to Radio Izmir Turkey’s local station Radyo Kordelya and Dakar Senegal’s “Allo Dakar Radio Tam Tam”.

“The project, created for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision by the interactive design…

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