Driverless Cars and the City-A New Planning Paradigm?

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Leslie Hook has written a compelling article in The Financial Times  describing how driverless technology will rewrite our streets, and make them-no irony  intended-more “human”.

There are huge changes that are coming,” says Dan Doctoroff, former deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding in New York. “We are in the middle of a historic moment.” Today Doctoroff leads Sidewalk Labs, a one-year-old offshoot of Google that works to bring new technologies to cities.

Doctoroff  believes that driverless technology will reduce congestion and improve road safety. And this is where it gets a bit weird, and a bit like a 1950’s copy of Mechanics Illustrated magazine. Since the current road infrastructure is decaying and since hyperloops could be developed to move people more efficiently, Shervin Pishevar of Uber and Hyperloop One says  “Cities are effectively taken hostage by the automobile designs of the 20th century.” 

His solution…

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